What services are offered by WaveScribe?
Documentation is important to every one of us.  Keeping your documentation in consistent and defined order is not always easy nor convenient. How you manage your library of documents is important as well.  WaveScribe offers a secured, easy-to-use online HIPAA compliant portal to manage your text and digital media.  Create, access, store and archive files for quick retrieval later. With WaveScribe you can manage unique documentation processes when it’s convenient and have control of your documentation and media library.  WaveScribe also offers on-demand dial-in dictation service and neutral third party recording services.  You can record a dictation, an important phone call, conference calls, telephone consultations, customer service calls, training calls, meeting minutes and more.  Service is at your fingertips when you need it and when it’s convenient. Additionally, if you use a smartphone or digital handheld for recording/dictating, you can easily load those files to WaveScribe.   Your WaveScribe Support Manager can discuss how the portal can accommodate dictation files from your current vendor too!

With WaveScribe, individuals and businesses of all sizes can enjoy benefits once reserved for only large scale operations for just a fraction of the cost!  Provide your support team, clients, staff and colleagues access by harnessing the power of WaveScribe’s neutral third party services.

Do you need a single WaveScribe “Account Portal”  or a group “TSP Portal” ?

A single WaveScribe account portal offers access for a small group of users with set privileges, who do not need to accommodate multiple locations, multiple user groups or clients.

A WaveScribe TSP Group allows you to accommodate multiple users at multiple locations, including an unlimited number of clients, unlimited office locations and multiple access levels for the support groups at those organizations.


With WaveScribe, the transcription/data entry provider of your choice uses the account you maintain, meaning you control your library of documents and can provide or deny access control to your digital library as necessary.

Call us at (702) 435-WAVE to discuss your individual project or organizational needs.   Our goal is to keep you and your library of documents organized with WaveScribe’s simple, user-friendly portal.


For special projects, events or general info
Call (702) 435-9283

Monthly Subscription Levels
Micro Business

Small Business

Level One Business

Level Two Business

Enterprise Business
*Call for quote*


Toll-free number:  0.12/minute
Volume Discounts / Monthly Subscriptions Available

Call (702) 435-WAVE for assistance

What kind of files and documents can be loaded to and processed through the online WaveScribe Portal?

* Phone-In Dictations
* Personal Recordings
* Neutral Third Party Recordings
* One-on-one or multiperson interviews
* Conferences
* Customer Service Calls
* Medical/Legal transcription
* Meeting Minutes
* Conference Calls
* Focus Groups
* Mailing lists
* Radio
* Research
* Many more!

What kinds of document formats can be processed/ stored/accessed through the WaveScribe Portal?

* Plain text
* Word processing documents (Word, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, Excel and more)
* Audio files (formats include MP3, WAV, AU, WMA)
* Video formats (including MP4, AVI, MOV)


I use email and FTP to transfer and process my files now.  Why use WaveScribe online?

Here are just a few reasons:
* Take control of your document/media library
* Enhance and secure your documentation process
* Audit trackability
* Offsite, backed up and physical protection
* Dedicated, HIPAA compliant hardware
* Work from anywhere
* Support staff immediate access
* Files are automatically separated, organized and accessible
* Online invoicing
* Phone-in dictation
* Calls recorded on demand
* Online pickup and delivery of completed files
* Tracking and Audit Trail

I am an independent contractor or service company and want to provide transcription/typing services to network TSPs and clients.  Do I have to have to pay to be listed for that?
No.  You do not have to pay to list yourself or your company as an available network resource (service, transcriptionist, editor, clerical support etc).

Where can I signup as an independent contractor?
Fill out the online contact form, and add any specialties in the comment section or send your flyer/resume/history to  You will be contacted for further details and testing may be required.

Should I be a registered user with WaveScribe in order to log on to the online platform?

Yes.  A part of our security measures and for HIPAA/HITECH compliance support, every user must register to receive their own login, password and PIN credentials.   Even if you need temporary help to cover a backlog, each of your support team should have their own credentials on the site.  Generic profiles are discouraged and are subject to deactivation.

How do I sign up and activate a WaveScribe account for use of the Online Portal, Dictation or Recording Services?

Call us at (702) 435-WAVE or go to the Contact Page to request a representative contact you directly.

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